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 Soul Hunter

We are a Christian organization dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are a mobilized movement rather than a stationary place, proactively seeking delivery of the message of salvation to those we encounter.  Jesus traveled to those in need, thus we travel.  If we see a need, we work to meet that need.  We host regular meetings to support and sharpen one another into a position of confidence in our faith by the comprehensive usage of the Bible, thus equipping us to passionately spread the Gospel, find our calling in Christ, and take on our roles as true spiritual leaders in our homes and lives.  We work to compliment an existing church, but when persecutions arise we can function autonomously if needed.  The time is now.

Navigating in Woods

Our Mission

Our mission is the relentless spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.  We seek to be an incessant torment to Satan and the soldiers of darkness by rethinking the traditional methods of Christian representation in this once predominantly Christian nation.  As the enemy continues to change his tactics, we intend to change ours, starting with reigniting men to become the warriors we once were.

Our Vision

A spiritual awakening of Christian men across the globe.

Mountain Cliff Hiker
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